Here are some educational resources that you may find useful. We will include websites which have programs available for continuing education credits as they become available, so keep checking back.

    RESPTREC® is Canada's leading continuing education program which offers courses geared to all disciplines of health care professionals who are involved in chronic disease management.  RESPTREC® courses are delivered across Canada through The Lung Association by certified trainers who provide health care professionals with the highest standard of training in asthma, COPD, Spirometry, and education. Courses are designed to help learners develop the knowledge, skills and competencies required to empower people and their caregivers to optimally manage their chronic disease. 

    The following courses have also been accredited for continuing education credit/professional development credit by the Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists

    Asthma – 45 CEUs

    COPD – 50 CEUs

    Education for Chronic Disease – 45 CEUs

    To view all of RESPTREC’s course options and offerings, visit

    Our COPD course is now available in an online-only format as well.  Asthma will be available in an online-only format in September.

    Our combined online/workshop based courses upcoming in SK are:

    Course: COPD
    Location: Saskatoon, SK
    Workshop: Sep 28, 2018 to Sep 29, 2018
    Registration Deadline: Aug 10, 2018

    Course: Education
    Location: Saskatoon, SK
    Workshop: Oct 26, 2018 to Oct 27, 2018
    Registration Deadline: Sep 7, 2018

    Course: Spirometry
    Location: Saskatoon, SK
    Workshop: Oct 20, 2018
    Registration Deadline: Sep 20, 2018

    TO REGISTER, visit