As a self-regulated profession in the province of Saskatchewan, it is the responsibility of the SCRT to ensure all members achieve and maintain an appropriate level of education and training.

We practice in an era where the public expects our knowledge and delivered care to be current and evidence-based. As such, it behooves each of us, working as professionals in this environment, to live up to these expectations.

The college, and by design, the Continuing Education Committee (CEC), must ensure there is a program in place to see that these requirements are met. Ultimately though, it will be each individual’s responsibility to fulfill the requirements for their continuing education as outlined in the SCRT Regulatory Bylaws, sections 15(2)(a) and 18(1).

It is compulsory for all members to track their own required continuing education. Without realizing it, most respiratory therapists will probably come close to fulfilling the basic requirements in the course of their daily work and ongoing training. Any additional work for necessary credits will be the responsibility of the individual. The accompanying documents outline the Continuing Education Program; please review them carefully. The Continuing Education Package contains forms that members may use in tracking their various educational activities. The audit procedure the college is mandated to perform is outlined as well.

For any questions you may have, please contact the Registrar or the Chair of the Continuing Education Committee who will strive to deal with them in a timely manner guided by the Regulatory Bylaws.

Within the attached documents are Continuing Education recording forms. You can copy and paste these templates onto a WORD document and then input your information into the document for each session you attend and save it in a continuing education folder, making recording and managing your credits easier.

SCRT Continuing Education Handbook 2020

SCRT Continuing Education Policy and Procedure (Nov, 2019)