Welcome to SCRT
Welcome to SCRT
The SCRT is the body responsible for regulating the profession of respiratory therapy in the province of Saskatchewan under the authority of The Respiratory Therapists Act. The SCRT is not an educational institution.

2018 AGM & Education Conference

The 2018 AGM & Education Conference will be held in Regina on Thursday & Friday, September 20 & 21. Location TBD. Keep watching the website for updates.

Revisions to Continuing Education Policy

In preparation for this year's continuing education audit, Council reviewed the associated policy (3.3) and made some revisions. Primarily the changes are to ensure all types of claimed credits are reviewed in light of the members current position.  Council would like to ensure members working in other than front line positions can claim credits that are relevant to the position they hold. Please refer to 'Resources' above to find and  review the updatd policy (item 6.6.1.)

New National Competency Framework

The National Competency Framework (NCF) serves as the pan-Canadian reference on respiratory therapy competencies for practitioners, educators, employers, regulators, exam and accreditation agencies, and other stakeholders. The NCF summarizes the competencies relevant to RTs for entry to practice (Part I) and throughout their career (Part II). It identifies four career stages and supports career planning, development and progression.  The National Competency Framework Part I and Part II was approved by SCRT Council September, 2016.

National Competency Framework Part I

National Competency Framework Part II

Degree Entry to Practice

The Saskatchewan College of Respiratory Therapists (SCRT) believes a Bachelor’s Degree in Respiratory Therapy as Entry to Practice is required to ensure the Respiratory Therapy profession provides optimal patient care.  In the coming years, the SCRT will work with the provincial ministries of Health and Advanced Education, along with other provincial and national stakeholders, in achieving this objective. SCRT Council approved a Degree in Respiratory Therapy as Entry to Practice Position Statement on October 5, 2016.  Click here to view the Position Statement.


Click here for the 2015/2016 Annual Report





If an SCRT member has photos of Respiratory Week or any other Respiratory-related photos they would like to share with the SCRT, please send them along to info@scrt.ca. Thank you!

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